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Prasa Revives Long-Distance Train Routes from Joburg: Affordable Travel, but Lengthy Journeys Ahead

After a hiatus of three years, primarily attributed to issues such as theft, vandalism of train infrastructure, operational challenges, and the disruptive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) has made a significant announcement. Long-distance train routes from Johannesburg to Durban and from Johannesburg to Cape Town are set to resume.

Starting on December 6, travelers embarking on the journey from Johannesburg’s Park Station to Cape Town Station will have an affordable option. The fares for this route are as follows:

  • Economy Class (Sitter): R430
  • Tourist Class (Sleeper): R690

Similarly, passengers heading from Johannesburg’s Park Station to Durban Station, starting on December 8, will find economical options available:

  • Economy Class (Sitter): R170
  • Tourist Class (Sleeper): R360

While these fares have garnered attention and excitement on social media, Prasa is candid about the travel time. The journey from Johannesburg to Cape Town is expected to take between 30 to 34 hours, while the route to Durban will consume approximately 18 hours. Prasa advises passengers to bring books and board games to make the most of the trip. The scenic route includes historic towns along the way, adding a unique dimension to the journey.

Despite the positive reception on social media, some travelers expressed concerns about the extended travel times. However, Prasa reassures passengers by stating that load shedding will not be an issue, as the trains are powered by diesel locomotives.

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Prasa emphasizes that rail travel offers affordability and a distinctive experience, allowing travelers to escape the frustrations of traffic and high travel costs. The focus is not solely on reaching the destination but also on creating unforgettable journeys for families and friends. As the long-distance train routes are reintroduced, they bring the promise of affordable adventures for those willing to embark on these unique voyages across South Africa.

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